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Our company has been in business full time since January 1988 after purchasing Coleco Industries, inc. inventory of products and other company products for support of the Colecovision Game and ADAM Computer Systems. Our company purchased Micro Innovations's inventory in the mid 1990's to insure the availability of the lastest design Memory Expansion Cards, Printer Interface Cards, Multi-purpose Interface Card (that includes dual serial, parallel printer ports, and more), Dual Serial Cards, IDE Hard Disk Drive Interface Cards, Hard Disk Drives, Floppy Disk Drives, and quality cables and service support of their existing line of Adam Computer products. Since almost all manufacturers and suppliers of Adam Hardware and Software are now gone, Our company does continue to purchase and resell mint condition hardware and software once produced, but no longer available from reliable sources. In general, all Coleco products are new and carry a 30 day warranty.

Our warehouse is located in the Houston, Texas area. We no longer support walk-in traffic since no employees are available for sales or service help. Business is conducted through shipping carriers via pick-up and delivery from our warehouse. Customers pay all shipping and insurance costs incurred during sales and service.

Thousands of components support our sales and service needs for Colecovision Products such as the Colecovision Video Game System (Model 2400) and Colecovision Adam Family Computer System (Model 2410). Orders are accepted by mail and email. While we still have a fairly large inventory, the expense of maintaining our inventory in our warehouse prevents us from offering lower pricing on stock items. Still we will be running out of many items in the near future. Order now while stock is available.

Colecovision products are still in use by thousands of people around the world. It is considered a collectors item by many purchasers, as are the original game cartridges and products sold in support of the Adam Computer.

A 35+ page Coleco catalog may be purchased by sending $3 cash (three $1 US) to:

eColeco Sales and Service

1829-1 County Road #130

Pearland, TX 77581-8237

E-MAIL for Catalog Attachment COLECO@ECOLECO.COM

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