We're about half way through 2007 with this update. Most of the popular Colecovision game cartridges have sold out and replacement doesn't sound promising. We still have a fair selection of Colecovision and Adam components, but there is much more culling, testing, discarding, and reworking of everything to provide a quality tested component. It can still be done, but it is very time consuming. Consequently prices must rise to take into consideration the amount of time necessary on average to provide a particular component. And because of the age of Colecovision components and software being over 20 years old we have officially stopped all warranty on sales. All sales are final now. Hopefully every item that we sell will work for years to come since we devote so much effort to providing a quality product.

One of our old members, Joe Blenkle, wrote that he had forgotten how to make the 5 screen Donkey Kong Jr Public Domain version produce the 5th screen when playing. Here is how: From May 1989 Vol 5 #5 AIM newsletter Pg 9. Public Domain Version of Donkey Kong Jr 5 Screen release. The 5th screen does not automatically reveal when playing this version. To make it reveal you must enter the player selection screen and press the controller fire buttons on both sides and hold them while you push the following sequence: 1 - 3 - 2 - 1 - 2 - 1 - 2. The game will then automatically acknowledge you are playing the 5 screen game.
In return we had forgotten how to reset the hall of fame screens on Supergames and Joe replied: I found an old Buck Rogers Super Game manual and it says to reset the Hall of Fame you Press Keypad Buttons 9-8-9 in sequence to erase all names.

We enter this new year facing parts and system shortages. We are out of Adam Computer power supplies, Adam printers, Printer Ribbons, Adam Disk Drives, Adam Hard Drives, and a lot of software. We still have new Adam Memory consoles, tape datadrives, keyboards, refurbished beige hand controllers, cables and etc. to connect the Adam system. We have new blank datapacks, and the original Coleco brand software, plus odds and ends of other software and supergames. Plus we have expansion cards for extra memory, printer interfaces, hard drive interfacing, and multifunction cards. Not bad for 20 years after Adam was hot.

We still have refurbished black Model 2400 Colecovision Video game systems, refurbished black hand controllers, new power supply cubes, PLUS many expansions including some new in the box, some refurbished. Refurbishing the model 2400 is getting a lot harder due to shortages of parts and decent quality circuit boards. This may be the last year to buy an original good quality Colecovision system. We do, however, still have the new Beige Adam console Video Game version that we provide with the new Colecovision power supply. These consoles have the composite video output connector with sound and we supply the cable.

Game cartridges in good condition are also becoming scarce. We still have some CBS copies that are shipped to us. Most of these are not originals, but they are available for game play and look very high quality when compared physically to the original game cartridge. As you know, original Colecovision/Adam game cartridges can be very expensive now for some titles and some manufacturers. Possibly your best source for original rare cartridges is from Ebay. We still stock most Coleco brand original cartridges, however, and some CBS copies. We do expect the CBS copies will not be available to us much longer (or may not now be available) and the last of our present stock will soon be depleted.

We continue to provide service work for both Adam and Colecovision systems, hand controllers, some superaction controller repairs, and disk drive repair. Our primary service work continues to be on the Model 2400 Colecovision Video game system. And we still sell small parts on our Hobby page.

It is remarkable that Colecovision has survived to this point. We still have suppliers for odds and ends, too. While many youth who discover this system think it is a dinosaur and quite humourous when they call us up, we still find it a joy to support it in the manner that we can. We still get lots of genuine calls and lots of thanks for help. We hope we can help you.

2005 has seen an upswing in business. While Ebay buyers continue to give us plenty of service work we still have a great deal of interest in Colecovision Game systems that we sell and warranty for 30 days. It's not like the old days when we were exclusively selling all new components, but we do have a healthy stock of new expansion products and refurbished system needs.

And we still hear from old Colecovision employees trying to connect with their fellow employees. Unfortunately over the years we have not kept a database of all those people. We recently heard from one of the '12 round table programmers', Ken Totten, who is looking "for the other 11, and Paul Jayquays (hope I spelled that right) who was the director of our department". Any help for Ken would be appreciated.

Inventory has continually diminished (sold) from the original 46,000 pounds we purchased in 1990 from Coleco Industries, inc. We still have new Adam Consoles and Keyboards, supporting cables, switchboxes, manual sets in shrink wrap, controller holders, and the like. We refurbish beige and black hand controllers, but have new super action controllers, roller controllers, and odds and ends. We have Turbo, tons of datapacks tapes, programmed tapes like SmartBasic, Smartletters and Forms, SmartLogo, Recipe Filer, Smart Filer, Flashcard Maker and packs like FlashFact History, Trivia, and Math. We have Adamcalc and CP/M2.2. We have memory cards in 64K and 256K sizes, Printer expansion cards, original modems, MIB3 and Serial cards, and Addressbook Filer. We have replacement datadrives and service parts for the main consoles. It is much less than it once was but adequate to help the Adam and Colecovision game users find parts and service.

Now you can pay quickly using your Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover Cards using our shopping cart system. Click the credit cards image to go to our Shopping Cart throughout our website to quickly add items to your shopping cart. These items already include shipping and handling, and when you are finished shopping you can check out quickly after checking your shopping cart items . If you do not have a paypal account your credit card will quickly establish one for you and your purchase will process rapidly through paypal. There is no extra charge for using paypal with your credit cards, and it is safe and secure.

They're back in stock! The original Model 2400 version which includes the original black console (for games only) rebuilt in excellent condition from originally rejected new boards pulled from inventory (requiring minor repair), with one new controller, new Colecovision R55416 power supply, new hookup for TV, and the instruction manual. Front Expansion port allows Expansion Modules to expand the system. Colecovision Game Cartridges (see listing of 150) are currently in stock to plug into the console for one or two player games with excellent graphics and game play. 30 day warranty on parts and labor. FREE GAME CARD WHILE QUANTITIES LAST, REGULARLY $9.95. We will provide YOUR CHOICE of one either BASEBALL (Batter Up only works unless Superaction Controllers are used), BEAMRIDER, CENTIPEDE, DEFENDER, DONKEY KONG, FACEMAKER, HERO (ONE ONLY), POPEYE, QBERT, SAMMY LIGHTFOOT, or SQUISH 'EM SAM, and TENNIS. Provide a first and second game card choice with your order. But quantities are limited and this offer concludes when supplies are exhausted. Add 5% Hanlding + $10 Shipping in the USA. Item #344.

Our new email address is coleco@ecoleco.com for all contact. Paypal money transfers also should be directed to our paypal account as coleco@ecoleco.com.

The Colecovision boxed game cartridge listing has been revised with everything from our warehouse. Only one of some titles! Hurry!!

We are giving away one GAME CARTRIDGE CARD free, but available separately for $9.95, with each Colecovision Game System (MODEL 2400 OR 2410) that we sell. Game Cartridge Cards are small versions of the original game cartridges that plug into the game slots of either game system we sell and play the game in its original form. We will provide YOUR CHOICE of one either BASEBALL (Batter Up only works unless Superaction Controllers are used), BEAMRIDER, CENTIPEDE, DEFENDER, DONKEY KONG, FACEMAKER, POPEYE, QBERT, SAMMY LIGHTFOOT, SQUISH 'EM SAM, and TENNIS. We ask that you provide a first and second game card choice with a system order in the descriptive information of the order (do not order separately or you will be charged). Quantities are limited and this offer concludes when cards are exhausted.

We continue to supply needed replacement tires, tubes, batteries, throttles, drive belts, and much more for popular brand electric and motor driven scooters. The most popular of these is the innertubes and drive belts. The tube stem gets cut due to low air pressure (they are so small they don't hold the correct pressure for long) and render the tube in need of replacement. We have located a scarce heavy duty tube and tire that are more resistant to wear. The tube has a brass stem to help prevent cutting.
The drive belts shear the teeth because they are not kept in adjustment (tension is important), or sometimes break due to stress. We provide belts in a number of sizes as indicated by a number generally found on the belt (such as, 600-5M15. This indicates the length in millimeters, 600, the width, 15, and the number of teeth on the belt (600/5 = 120). If the number is not present then it can be converted by measuring the length (1 inch = 25 mm), width, and counting the teeth per 5mm or per belt. With these diminisions we can supply high quality heavy duty univeral belts to fit the need. Also see our other scooter parts now available for Rad2Go scooters and compatible electric scooters. We have a website devoted to this same information at http://scooterparts.tripod.com.

We've added more Coleco parts to our SMALL PARTS area of our site. These parts are quality repair and replacement parts for the Adam and Colecovision systems, but they are also great hobby and general use parts and components. Take a look!

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New prices and a new site layout bring in the new year. You'll find products separated into areas:

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For a Buck ($1) each you can have one Loran Digital Datapack originally programmed for use with software (SmartLetters & Forms, Recipe Filer, Flashcard Maker, or other). These tapes are new, sealed, and you can actually run the programs on the Coleco Adam Computer just like they come. However, if you just want to use them as blank datapacks then you can easily initialize and reset the Directory using File Manager or other software utilities.

BUT, these tapes are great for audio use, too, with 51 minutes of capacity per tape. All that is necessary is to drill 2 prelocated holes (see picture). Go To Supplies for Tapes

We currently have confirmation that receipt of all out of stock games will be soon. Games priced at $24.95 for loose titles with instructions (those that come with instructions) and overlays (those that come with overlays), and our Boxed Games are priced at $29.95 each (of course, including everything in the sealed box) will be priced $5 off. THAT A $5 SAVINGS!. Hurry and place a paid order now! Quantities will be very limited!

A lot of our customers are buying our surplus parts for use in hobby projects and electronics assembly. There is an excellent selection of switches, motors, solenoids, capacitors, resistors, coils, microchips, connectors, and cables that we continue to add at this location (CLICK).  Hobby Surplus.  Components for use in hobbies and electronics assembly!

Since we took over Coleco's customer support back arount 1990 it has been amazing how many phone calls we have received. In looking back at our books it has been estimated that we have absorbed the expense of over $30,000 worth of Coleco customer support phone calls (and that is just the phone bill side, not the time involved in taking the calls). In doing the math from our phone logs, we can only see about 10-12% of these calls have actually produced any orders and income to offset this expense. This is one of the reasons we have had to cut back the active time we are available for customer support now. But we do continue to provide free support to all calls we receive.

eColeco picked up speed in 2001-2 and business has been good. Email and mail order communication will continue to be available from our warehouse, and we will continue to accept payment through Paypal and by Money Order type checks payable to TFOWL.

We continually update the Most Asked Questions or MAQ web page on this site. There you can find answers to most of the questions we have encountered over the years. Some of this current news filters into the MAQ page, too. But, even with the MAQ page available we still get questions on Coleco handheld games, pool filters, etc. The MAQ page can direct you faster than emailing us for the answers.