How Do I use PayPal?

One of the safest and most convenient ways of purchasing is by using PAYPAL. Customers on the internet can set up an account using a bank account that allows them to transfer funds from personal accounts to business and personal accounts at PayPal. Credit cards may be added to your account and money transfers charged. Our business account is When you make a purchase from Ecoleco, simply type PAYPAL in the information box at the bottom of our online order form/calculator and press submit to let us know you will be placing a money transfer order. Go to your account at paypal and transfer the amount total from your order form. Include again the items you are ordering and your verified shipping address (important if you use a credit card). You may also email your order if you have problems with our online order submission form (AOL and others have experienced problems), but write down your order total and the items from the order form/calculator. Then transfer funds from your PayPal account to our account for the total of your purchase.

SET UP YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT! Follow this link to set up your PayPal Account. Indicate you were referred by Once the account is set up you will provide information for electronic fund transfer to and from your bank account. PayPal will give you $5 free in your account when you satisfy their requirements, plus a small amount around a $1 will be transferred to your bank account while testing the electronic transfer.